Corpus Linguistics Conference 2011

This Corpus Linguistics Conference is really the major international conference. It takes place every two years and corpus linguists from all over the world come and attend it. I was talking about my work on evaluative language and I was also trying to present some things that I think corpus linguists are aiming at. So I was talking about extent and reach and depth in corpus linguistics studies. So I hope my talk had relevance for people who are studying slightly different things as well. I’m Michael Whitby and I’m Head of the College of Arts and Law at the University of Birmingham.

Higher education is an international activity, it’s absolutely vital for academics from around the world to get together to discuss their common concerns, exchange ideas, influence each other, take the benefits of the meeting back to their own countries and so invigorate the disciplines. This is one of the most important linguistic conferences in the world. It allows us to get a feel of the current trends in the field. I’m going to give two presentations. One’s a co-authored paper with Kiyomi Chujo and Kat Oghigian from Japan and that’s going to be looking at an open-source framework for distributing corpora and analysing corpora. Another is a single-authored paper on using corpora in the classroom to teach technical writing. – I’m comparing why Korean English is similar and different to British English. I think teaching more people about Korean English – it’s a very little studied form of English so I want to try to develop people’s awareness of Korean English compared to Chinese and Japanese English. I’m looking forward to anybody that’s looking at idioms, phraseology, the way that the mind processes language in terms of the small chunks that we use when we speak.

– This is a poster that looks at a corpus of academic writing – BAWE corpus – British Academic Written English corpus. I’m particularly interested in the language of argumentation, the discourse of argumentation. It follows a methodology similar to the one described by Susan Hunston in the plenary, as moving from looking at frequencies to keywords to more qualitative focuses of argumentation. I’d love it for people to come and look and to see the richness of the corpus and to use it themselves in their own research and teaching.

– My name is CK Jung from South Korea and I have done some work in corpus linguistics and my thesis examiner was Professor Susan Hunston so that’s why I came here – to see her and to see some other fellow researchers in corpus linguistics. I’m quite interested in academic writing corpus, for example from Michigan University, people like Matthew O’Donnell and Ute Römer. I’m quite interested in Yukio Tono’s work on learners’ corpora. This is the number one corpus and corpus linguistics conference..

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